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Korum is a n accomplished and sought after model and actor. His classic proportions and balanced healthy physique make for an excellent product accompaniment and artistic display of the human form. As an actor, he is experienced and celebrated as both an action strong talent and versatile enough for drama, comedy and more. Click the IMDb link below for Korums full filmography.

Acting/PR Representation

Artist Management Australia
Chris Peters
PO Box 68 Northbridge WA 6865
T: (08) 9328 6555 M: 0433 131 535
​F: (08) 9328 6454

Modelling Representation

​​Wink Models
Taryn Williams 
+61 2 8005 4388
10/2 Kings Lane
NSW 2010

Vehicle electronics

Perth E-bike hire


Self employed since 2002, I had a rocky path early on as an entrepreneur. But, as with many successful business people, learning the hard way is what develops the skillset needed to prosper. With one national business, 3 local businesses and a production company, I enjoy a lifestyle of creation and  professional development exclusively on my own agenda.

Now with a handful of successes in my wake and as the owner/director of two current strong healthy growing businesses in the tech. industry, bigger and bolder enterprises are on the horizon.

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Current projects...

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Perth E-Bike hire

I am the founder and Owner/director of the modern Audiocom brand of Mobile Electronics stores, a growing chain of mobile tech. stores based in Western Australia.

In 2002, I created Universalfuze, a vehicle tech. retail website and wholesaler which has grown to become one of the biggest of it's kind in Australia with tens of thousands of views per month on that businesses Youtube channel resulting in high traffic and sales volume.

As a passion and lifestyle business, I started RideOnE, a Perth based E-bike hire and sales business of off-road and Urban E-Bikes and Electric hydrofoils.

In 2020 and beyond, my focus will be on FlyOnE. a new company i have created for the purpose of revolutionising medium range transport. This company has a large stake in an electric aircraft manufacturer startup and is set to become the biggest retailer and wholesaler of electric flying vehicles in Western Australia and beyond.