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August 15, 2021

BREAKING NEWS! FlyOnE has ordered an all-new ZERO EMISSIONS electric aircraft for use as a trainer, demonstrator and proof of concept as an early step in the long-term goal of building a zero-emissions aviation passenger network in Western Australia.

Electric aircraft offer drastically reduced costs and increased safety.  As new aircraft models become available we will expand the range and reach of our charging hangars network and distribution of these new aircraft models.

The above-pictured aircraft, a Pipistrel Alpha Electro, operates as an all-electric trainer in our Jandakot SKYCADEMY flight school as well as being available for recreational hire.

BOOK YOUR TRIAL INTRODUCTORY FLIGHT NOW.. email elevate@flyone.com.au or visit the website www.flyone.com.au

June 28, 2021

Recent publication in The west Australian' newspaper outlining the broader opportunity we are targeting in electric aviation for personal transport, recreation and  tourism with my aviation company FlyOnE.

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I'm Korum E, merchant, employer, Electro-preneur.

After having spent much of my adult life developing skills and experience in the field of vehicle electronics retail and installation building the Audiocom Mobile Electronics retail group, I have now turned my attention to the electric revolution with FlyOnE, an electric aircraft company selling and distributing Pipistrel Electric passenger aircraft, a flight training school teaching pilots in an electric trainer aircraft, an R&D department building a longer range ducted propulsion electric aircraft and charge infrastructure. In addtion, i have created RideOnE for leasing of Electric assist leisure craft such as on and off road E bikes, E surf boards and hydrofoils and electric Jetskis.

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