Gender:           Male
Hair colour:    Blonde
Eye Colour:     Blue
Height:             180cm
Chest;               106cm
Waist:               84cm
​Hips:                 96cm
Shoe:                42
Suit:                  38
Neck:                38cm
Hat: 58cm
Weight:            70kg
​Marks/tattoos: Tattoo of a Dragon right shoulder, tattoo of a symbol left pectoral, tattoo of a symbol left wrist.

Acting/PR Representation

Artist Management Australia
Chris Peters
PO Box 68 Northbridge WA 6865
T: (08) 9328 6555 M: 0433 131 535
​F: (08) 9328 6454

Modelling Representation

​​Wink Models
Taryn Williams 
+61 2 8005 4388
10/2 Kings Lane
NSW 2010


Korum Ellis, Australian Film Actor, Entertainer and Commercial Model © 2013  |  All Rights Reserved


Korum Ellis is an Australian Entrepreneur and employer. Coming from a broad background of retail development as well entertainment, Korum not only heads up a few companies as CE and owner director, but also works as a style model for commercial brands and advertising content. 

Born in Shepparton, Victoria in Australia in 1983 Korum later moved to the Mid North Coast of NSW with his parents for the bulk of his childhood. After a few years of professional pursuits in business Korum took a focus to advertising modeling and brand representation. Later when the opportunities arose, he enjoyed various roles in some local film productions.

In between entertainment and advertising work, Korum continued ongoing development of the national vehicle electronics distribution network, Universalfuze as Owner/director.

In 2016, Universalfuze established a retail outlet in Midland and in 2018 another in Cannington under the brand Audiocom Mobile Electronics to which the company of the same name owns the trademark to that brand. With the support of Universalfuze, Audiocom swiftly became the dominant specialist in the market of vehicle electronics and is now the only multi store brand in WA and one of the biggest of its kind in Australia. 

In 2019 Korum created Perth Ebike hire to cater to a growing market of off road E-bike hire demand in the Perth hills and other areas. Ride On E sells and hires top spec. off road and urban ebikes for day and session hire.

Future - New endeavours include FlyOnE, an ambitions and modern business model positioned in the medium range transport sector.